iian logo-2International Inclusive Arts Network (IIAN) is an on-line community for anyone who is interested in learning about, creating or programming inclusive work for young audiences. We’re here to shine a light on this area of excellence and we encourage you to share their thoughts, views and, most importantly, your work under the expansive umbrella of Inclusive Arts for young people.

In order to do justice to this goal, IIAN provides an internet forum on which you can gather information and exchange views. This website also offers an event calendar, a list of inclusion theatre groups around the world, inspiration for original work, a video and photo gallery, as well as a blog on the topic of inclusion.

In doing so IIAN aims to encourage a global dialogue on “inclusive art” and break the taboo of “art for the disabled”. IIAN furthermore advocates widespread accessibility in theatres and class rooms in order to enable the joint enjoyment of the dramatic arts for disabled and non disabled people alike.

So we are here to:

  • Inspire: Artists to be more ambitious and become a part of  the inclusive arts community
  • Promote: Inclusive arts & international connections
  • Share: Good practise & provide a data base of companies working inclusively around the globe

We ask theatre makers to:

  • Create: Make bold, innovative art that harnesses the artistic potential of inclusion
  • Include: Make our theatres, classrooms, stages, accessible to audiences & performers of all abilities
  • Inform: Make local & global dialogue around the often taboo subject of disability in art.

So, if you value Inclusive Arts, please join our Global Community.

IIAN is the ASSITEJ network of inclusive theatre makers.

So drop by regularly and check out what’s happening – and let us know what’s happening in your part of the world.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes, the IIAN team